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5 Easy Ways To Save On Your Cabo Vacation

When looking to book your vacation to Cabo San Lucas, you dream about the beauty of the area including the blue waters, great food and endless beaches.

The one part that, of course, then dampens many people's dreams is the fact that booking a vacation to anywhere in the world, including Cabo, isn't always cheap. Luckily, there are many easy ways to help you save on your booking and get you on a beach in no time.

Cabo San Lucas
Use Comparison Sites to Find the Best Deal

If you haven't checked out a travel comparison site, then you're missing out on one of the easiest ways to save. Looking through a site like will help you compare the hotel, resort, flight and more between all of the major online travel sites to find the cheapest deals.

You can also opt for flight specific websites like HipMunk to not only get the cheapest flight, but also flights ranked by how comfortable the flight is with connections and other factors taken into consideration.

Take Advantage of Travel Coupons and Promotion Codes

Searching for a coupon or promo code for the website you're using to book your Cabo vacation can save you big. A site like Travelocity usually has promo codes for vacations where you can get a couple hundred dollars off your total vacation package. You should also review other travel sites such as

These sites often offer coupons where you not only get discounts but are eligible for free gifts. It's a no-brainer to search for a few travel coupons before you checkout as it's an easy way to save a few dollars.

Bundle Your Cabo Vacation and Save

When booking your vacation to Cabo San Lucas, you can create significant savings by bundling the entire package together. This means, instead of booking your flight in one place and the hotel directly, you can instead book them together on one of the many travel sites.

These sites will often give you up to 30% off your total when you book the hotel and flight together. Some will also provide an even larger discount when you include tickets for activities and events in your bundle. The way to get the best deal is to compare multiple sites until you find the largest discount.

Check Out Daily Deal and Flash Sale Travel Sites

Recent additions in the travel industry to help you save on your next vacation can be found in daily deals and flash sale sites. By checking out sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, JetSetter and others, you might find travel deals for Cabo for up to 50% off the regular price.

You might not have as much flexibility when using this method, but you can save big and usually stay in one of the nicer resorts in the Cabo San Lucas area as many area hotels are included on daily deal sites.

Take Advantage of Membership Deals and Discounted Rates

If you are someone who is a member of AARP or AAA or similar organization, there are numerous deals available for hotels and resorts around the world, including many Cabo resorts. To take advantage of these deals, you simply go to the organization’s official website to find which hotels are included in their network.

Generally, these organizations only have relationships with major chain hotels but you can find a few Cabo hotels included that aren't from the major chains. Take some of the stress out of your travel planning and budget by taking advantage of a few easy ways to save.

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