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Camel Kisses And Cactus Plants On Cabo Safari

Cabo Adventures' Outback Camel Safari is a very popular tour, perhaps because of its variety. Not only does this outdoor activity boast scenic seaside excursions aboard genuine "ships of the desert," but also an informative introduction to the region's natural wonders - have you ever seen a 70-foot cactus? - and a delicious repast featuring traditional Mexican cuisine.

Or perhaps it's the exceptional quality of the guides. They're knowledgeable, smart, funny, and full of entertaining stories about the region's flora and fauna. Camel trainer Sidi-Amar is a member of the world's oldest nomadic tribe, the Tuareg of North Africa, and brings a bit of international flavor to the proceedings, as well as an incredible amount of camel-related lore. Did you know the U.S. Army once had a Camel Corps, or that camels were once native to North America, or that a Mexican president was the son of a camel trainer?

Outback Camel Safari
The tour takes place along the coast north of Cabo San Lucas, on land dedicated to sea turtle preservation, and begins with a walking tour and introduction to the local landscape, including background on the indigenous inhabitants of Baja Sur. Tandem camel rides are the heart of the tour, and take place along a gorgeous, secluded beach, accompanied by the sound of Pacific Ocean waves crashing against the shore. Photographers are on hand to catch the camel kisses afterward - these are affectionate creatures, after all - and documentation of your adventure is available at the onsite photo center.

Then there is lunch. The midday feast includes Mexican delicacies like nopales salad, made from the pads of prickly pear cactus. It's a superb meal, and the equal of anything you'll find in Los Cabos' top traditional restaurants. Once you've had your second or third helping from the buffet, your guide will give you a short history in tequila, including samples of various styles of everyone's favorite agave-based liquor. Faint-hearted visitors will be happy to hear that crickets and mezcal are no longer offered.

By: Cabo Adventures

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